A Sporting Icon Worthy of a Hometown Statue

Tommy Gemmell, the iconic Scottish footballer and member of the legendary “Lisbon Lions,” left an indelible mark on the world of football. His contributions to the sport and his significant impact on his hometown make a strong case for honouring him with a statue.

Tommy was proud of his roots and hometown of Craigneuk, he played with local team, Meadow Thistle at the age of 14, worked in the Ravenscraig steelworks and took the bus from Craigneuk to Glasgow every day for training.

Tommy was a working-class hero who had a remarkable football career with various football teams. His most famous time in his career was when he scored a memorable goal in Lisbon which helped secure Celtic the victory in 1967. Tommy was a ‘Lisbon Lion’, one of the most famous teams in football history where each player was born within 30 miles of Celtic Park- a huge achievement for local working-class men who were proud to play a game they loved.

Tommy did not forget his hometown after this exceptional achievement, he even took a ‘loan’ of the European Cup and brought it home to his parent’s house at the ‘Era Bar’ flats in Craigneuk where he was greeted by over 300 people, proud of his achievement!

Not only do we want this statue of Tommy to inspire the people of Craigneuk and beyond that the working-class people can achieve anything they put their mind to, but we also want to help support our local community with opportunity for sport groups suitable for every group regardless of gender, age etc. We will be supporting Craigneuk Amateurs in a partnership to help them fundraise for the upkeep of their ground ‘the Humph’ to allow this to happen.

YOU can help us bring this opportunity to Craigneuk by making a donation on our website or direct to our bank. Every penny matters and donations big or small are appreciated!